BIG Tomato

First harvested large-variety tomato

Saturday, 10/3/09 – Today I harvested  the 1st BIG tomato of 3 currently ripening. Consumed a few of the smaller variety—which I’ve shared with Mouse the guinea pig— but tonight I added this larger tomato to my fried rice meal:  Brown rice, red onion, green onion, lots of ginger, garlic, said tomato, part of a carrot, cabbage, and tamari to taste. Made a meal for dinner and lunch the next day. The green onion roots were saved for planting.

Also today, brother Doug brought by a great piece of green wire fencing that will help keep the lilikoi plant inside Plot 63’s perimeter.  This lilikoi, started by Pamela, is growing so quickly, it has taken over the diamond head side fence, and is now starting to creep onto the two mauka / makai sides. One rule of the community gardens is you can’t have your plants intruding onto your neighbors’ spaces. Lilikoi tentacles have needed trimming back from outside the fence so as not to intrude into Fred, the neighbor’s, garden. (He’s trying to keep his bitter melon from attaching itself to my lilikoi. :). All this quick, healthy growing requires cooperative vigilance.

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Hawaii is life-long home. Enjoy all things outdoors. Taking up an old hobby passion: photography, and learning how to put some photos and stuff I've learned from them into a website ...THANK YOU WORDPRESS!
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