In Da’ Gah-den, but not yet Eden

In May 2009 I got a Honolulu City & County garden plot, for the grand sum of $20/year. Garden areas can be found in most of the urban areas on the island of O’ahu  and were started in 1975 under the mayorship of Frank Fasi. The intent was to have garden spaces for apartment dwellers. Another do-good, city-sponsored project started by Mayor Fasi.

The new gardner gets a plot, promising to plant plants he or she likes, be they ornamental or edible. Plots are different sizes, but average about 10′ x 10′. I was lucky enough to get a plot right across the street from my apartment, which I can even see it from my living room window, if I look to the extreme right.

To get it ready for planting, grass and weeds had to be removed, the soil spaded and mixed with compost that was purchased near the Kapaa Land Quarry in Kailua. With the help of Brother Doug, and some of his fence posts, a chicken wire fence went around the circumference so the feral cats would doo-doo elsewhere and leave my guinea pig, Mouse alone. The fence is still a work in progress.

I am going to link to a video of the latest 360° look at what’s going on the da’ gah-den:

Here are some historical photos of da’ gah-den progress:

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Hawaii is life-long home. Enjoy all things outdoors. Taking up an old hobby passion: photography, and learning how to put some photos and stuff I've learned from them into a website ...THANK YOU WORDPRESS!
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