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Soil Lesson

Soil Lesson

Growing Lesson

Growing Lesson

Oct 25, ’09 – Went to a Olomana Gardens workshop today and found myself overwhelmed with information. Glenn Martinez is the ultimate skill person. He’s an electrician, carpenter, engineer, inventor—master of much knowledge.  He and his wife, Liz, run a permaculture farm in Waimanalo < > and give classes in techniques to get the most from plants and soil in an organic setting.  Highlights of learning:

  • Most plants need 4 to 6″ of soil for growing (‘cept like carrots); no oxygen when you go below a foot.
  • Compost worms eat your fruit and vege scraps. Tiller worms are plowers.
  • Typical soil mixes gardeners can purchase from O. G., or make themselves is 1/3 black cinders, 1/3 vermaculture and 1/3 coconut fiber.
  • You don’t want to put thick mulch in garden; water won’t penetrate.
  • O.G. uses 70% shade cloth to make raised beds of various types that they sell. It comes in colors.
  • Raised beds keep bugs at bay.
  • Horse manure is a very good fertilizer.  By state law it must be aired for 90 days for above ground plants; 120 days for plants that fruit on the ground.
  • Solid stain is a good lumber protectorate, keeping borax in and bugs out, especially in pine lumber.
  • Follow-up on “Soil Soup”, “Square Foot Garden”, Body & Soil Kipahulu Tour of 4 private farms; $115.  Jan 15-16 Kula Farm workshop.

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