In Da’ Gah-den, but not yet Eden

In May 2009 I got a Honolulu City & County garden plot, for the grand sum of $20/year. Garden areas can be found in most of the urban areas on the island of O’ahu  and were started in 1975 under the mayorship of Frank Fasi. The intent was to have garden spaces for apartment dwellers. Another do-good, city-sponsored project started by Mayor Fasi.

The new gardner gets a plot, promising to plant plants he or she likes, be they ornamental or edible. Plots are different sizes, but average about 10′ x 10′. I was lucky enough to get a plot right across the street from my apartment, which I can even see it from my living room window, if I look to the extreme right.

To get it ready for planting, grass and weeds had to be removed, the soil spaded and mixed with compost that was purchased near the Kapaa Land Quarry in Kailua. With the help of Brother Doug, and some of his fence posts, a chicken wire fence went around the circumference so the feral cats would doo-doo elsewhere and leave my guinea pig, Mouse alone. The fence is still a work in progress.

I am going to link to a video of the latest 360° look at what’s going on the da’ gah-den:

Here are some historical photos of da’ gah-den progress:

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8-8-08 A Once-A-Century Date


8Not Leaving My Home

Not Leaving My Home


The Press Wuz There

The Press Wuz There


Au'sShaolin Lionesses



Make A Wish

Make A Wish

8-8-08 is a recognized special day on the Chinese century calendar, celebrated here in Honolulu by closing off parts of Hotel Street, downtown, and organizing “Chinatown Getdown.”  Bands, food, arts and crafts, lion dancers, open art and restaurant locations, big screen TV for viewing the opening of Summer Olympics.  This on the heels of a R&R visit by democratic presidential hopeful, Barack Obama and family, coming “home” to recharge for a week.

“Homeless” is a shot from the Nimitz viaduct—biking to Obama rally at Kiehi Lagoon—a man doesn’t leave his home despite all the underbrush being cleared by the state to discourage shelters. 

“Press Wuz Here” at the public Obama rally, Kiehi Lagoon, afternoon of August 8, 2008.

“Au” Young lion dancers in training with Au’s Shaolin Arts. These gals are small enough to make up the tail end of the lion.

“Make A Wish” is a Chinese tradition whereby celebratees write their fondest wish on a paper ribbon, place it on a bamboo branch with all the others, to be taken the next Sunday to Jisso Temple in Kaneohe to be burned to the gods who accept fervent wishes.

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Upon A Hill



Judd Hillside, late afternoon, July 12th…


Sprinklers on Agapanthas and Birds of Paradise

Sprinklers on Agapanthas and Birds of Paradise


Late Afternoon Sky

Late Afternoon Sky


Sunset Behind Punchbowl

Sunset Behind Punchbowl


Half Moon Taking Sun's Place

Half Moon Taking Sun's Place

Judd Hillside, perhaps named for Dr. Gerrit Parmele Judd (1803-73). A missionary doctor who arrived in 1837, and adviser to Kamehameha III — or after Charles S. Judd, Territorial Forester (1915-1939) who planted many groves and created many trails.    

Place Names of Hawaii, Pukui, Elbert, Samuel, Mookini.

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Sheila Johnson 60yo college tennis player

Sheila Johnson played tennis at Arizona State 40 years ago, and — with one year of eligibility left — is playing her final year of college tennis at the age of 60. The history story of her coming to Hawaii with the Grand Canyon U. tennis team, as 7th seeds in the NCAA Div II Western Regional playoffs, is told entertainingly by Cindy Luis, of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin at

On Thursday, May 8, two of us local, mature tennis players went to watch GCU play against 2nd seeded host team Hawaii Pacific University, and were thoroughly captivated by Johnson’s court demeanor and play. GCU didn’t win, but this team, built up by first-year coach, Greg Prudhomme is a testimony to good-story, heart-warming athletic endeavors. Johnson media interviews with CBS, NPR and other media link to talk of even a movie deal. The two of us were inspired, so no argument that a big screen story would be any less inspirational to other tennis folks world ’round.

Sheila’s stellar play was grounded on steady placement, deep on the baseline or close to sidelines, quick reactions at the net, and good anticipation of a return shot. Her much younger, singles opponent often showed frustration, once smacking a ball against the opposite fence on a change over. Singles is Sheila’s game, though she did admit to getting winded in her set–called at 4-5 when HPU won two match-winning singles on other courts. Those watching were disappointed that the set couldn’t be played out, as it was great tennis to watch.

A student-athlete at 60.  Sheila Johnson has set the bar higher.


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Starting a PhotoBlog

May 4th 08 – This site doesn’t require HTML knowledge. But….there’s still a learning curve. Have been seeking a way to post visible descriptions with personal photos, and after a Matt visit here to Hawaii, I knew someone had allowed the me a way to do this. Now to start figuring out remedial site layout… to add photos?

May 5th 08 – I’ve figured out how to add photos, though the following three should have been staggered: centered, left, right.  Maybe because I use a Mac, not all of the layout issues have been ironed by the WordPress folks.

The photos were taken at the 08 Orchid Show and Plant Sale, held this past weekend at Noelani Elementary School in Manoa. The displays, and, of course the blooms themselves, often elicited descriptions of wonder. The four in our group of photographers were challenged by the variables in natural and ambient light to capture blossoms’ true colors, just as they were displayed. 

2008 Orchid Show

Delicate White

Dark Beauty

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